Benefits Of A Flatbed Truck Camping System

If you love camping, you may try looking for new ways to improve your experience. If you're considering getting a camper instead of using a tent, you may be interested to know that you can attach one to your pickup truck's bed. Some people prefer it over purchasing a separate fifth-wheel camper, but it will be up to you to decide for yourself. 

These are some of the benefits of a pickup truck-mounted camper:

Options for Permanent or Removable

If you build a flatbed truck camping system, you must decide whether you want it to be permanent or removable. There are different types of camper shells, and they attach to your truck using various methods, so you should figure out if you want to be able to take yours off and regain the full function of your truck or if you want to convert it into a permanent camper system.

Different Size Options

Some flatbed truck campers are relatively small and give you a place to sleep on camping trips and little else. Others make good use of the allotted space and use pop-up mechanisms to provide a much roomier camping experience. You should figure out if you want yours to be as big as possible or if you want minimal space, so it's easier to maneuver your vehicle. 

Fully Customizable

Pickup truck camper shells are typically customizable, so you can have all the features you want and avoid features you don't need. It allows you to use the limited space you have wisely and efficiently. If you need a sink in the camper, you can make sure you have one; if you don't need a shower, you can save space by not having one.

Easy Maneuvering in Crowded Areas

One of the most significant issues with fifth-wheel campers is trying to haul them to your destination. Trying to fit in small parking lots, taking tight turns, etc., is all difficult because you have to worry about your vehicle and the long camper behind it. Adding a camper shell to your pickup truck won't make it much harder to maneuver, so you can easily get around in crowded areas.

More Accessible than Fifth Wheel Campers

Many great campsites are in remote areas, and it's hard to access them when you're hauling a huge fifth-wheel trailer. You must worry about potholes, getting stuck in the mud, etc. If you have a flatbed truck camping system, you can easily access hard-to-reach campsites as long as you can get there in your pickup truck.

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