3 Great Reasons To Buy A Down Camping Blanket

For camping enthusiasts, there is no shortage of great gear to make your trip easier and more comfortable. Some examples of essential items for most casual campers are a sturdy tent, pots and utensils, and a camping stove and fuel if you plan to cook. Yet there are many reasons why a camping blanket should also be on the shortlist of things you plan to bring with you on your next excursion. Take a look below for just of the reasons why down blankets in particular are among campers' favorite things to pack.

Compact and Lightweight

If you regularly hike to and from camping spots, then you are likely looking to maximize the amount of gear you can bring with you, while avoiding being weighed down. Fortunately, camping blankets stuffed with down feature an exterior made from polyester or similar lightweight materials. They can also be rolled up and packed in a drawstring bag that can fit in any large backpack or can easily be carried separately. This makes them a far superior option when compared to a more traditional (and much heavier) blanket you might grab from your linen closet.

Ease of Use

Sleeping bags are a must-have for very cold climates, but they can prove to be a hassle if you are casually camping in warmer locations. As such, a down camping blanket is a great alternative that many campers prefer during the summer, as they can take advantage of the coziness of sleeping bags without having to deal with zippers and hoods. Plus, you can use a camping blanket for extra warmth while sitting around a fire, something that is much less convenient to do if you only have a sleeping bag.


Another major benefit of down camping blankets is their sheer durability. Most blankets have an exterior that is designed to be resistant to scratches, water damage, and stains from dirt or mud — exactly the kind of sources of wear and tear that are common on camping trips. Despite their unique materials and construction, down camping blankets are also easy to clean. Nearly all can be machine washed in a front-loading washing machine. Many also feature corner loops that allow them to be air-dried afterward.

Whether you are planning your first camping trip or have been on hundreds already, it is worth considering adding a down camping blanket to your list of must-have gear.

For more information about using a down camping blanket, contact a local business.

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