What Features Should You Look For In An RV Park Campsite?

The right RV park campsite can significantly improve the quality of a trip. Anyone looking for an RV park should check for the following five features before they put down a payment.

Flat and Even Ground

As a practical matter, you want the ground to be flat and even because you don't want your stuff to go rolling from one side of your RV to the other. Keep in mind that because vehicles are going to come and go, the surface at every RV park campsite will take a beating. However, the park's operators will regularly correct these deficiencies to maintain the facilities. Look for recent photos of the RV park if you're curious about the layout of the site. 

Privacy Barriers

If you value privacy, you should verify that the site has barriers. Particularly, people often like to see barriers between different campgrounds. Also, barriers that block the view of nearby commercial establishments are nice.


Especially if you're taking a long trip to multiple sites, creature comforts will make all the difference. Electric hookups, showers, bathrooms, and water connections will make life significantly more pleasant during your journey. If you have been out of touch with others for a while or just don't want to stress your data plan, Wi-Fi matters, too. You may want to find a place with good showers if your RV's setup isn't particularly spacious.

Travelers with animals will also want to find pet-friendly locations. People with children should think the same way about kid-friendly parks.


An RV park campsite can be a target for thefts. People come and go quickly, and that tempts certain folks. The park should have security measures in place to see who might be coming and going. Ideally, someone should be present to watch the monitors and field calls about suspicious activity.

Vehicle Accessibility

You will need room to maneuver your RV. This includes getting in and out of the campsite. It also includes turning around within the RV park. Even if you're an absolute ace of a driver, it's better to have some room for error. You don't want a parking spot that doesn't offer any room for you to stretch or set up a few chairs, either.

Also, look for sites that provide access to desirable locations. Many people bring cars along, and they should park close to the sites worth seeing.

Reach out to an RV park for more information. 

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