ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent Review

This tent product is ideal for mountaineering trips. Made of sturdy and lightweight polyester, it comes with a free standing pole design and is supported by aluminum poles. Tent poles and pole clips make the tent easy to assemble. The entry, exit and ventilation are adequate for a tent design.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent has a two door design with weather proofing, fly buckles and half mesh walls provide ventilation and maximum protection from harsh weather conditions.


  • The tent is designed for mountaineering and camping trips.
  • The tent comes with a free standing pole system that makes it easy to assemble.
  • Tent poles snap in place easily at the time of pitching the tent.
  • With 2 doors and 2 vestibules, entry, exit and storage becomes easy.
  • Fly and floor seams are factory sealed to provide protection from weather conditions.
  • The storage facility is adequate with the 2-vestibule design.
  • The tent material is composed of 75D 185T polyester that provides UV protection as well.


  • The free standing pole system makes the tent easy to set up.
  • The aluminum poles are easy to assemble with pole clips that are provided with the tent. These snap into place easily.
  • Fly and floor seams are factory sealed to provide adequate protection from strong winds and water seepage.
  • 2 doors and 2 vestibules ensure adequate storage as well as easy entry and exit.
  • The tent is ideal for camping in mountainous regions.
  • The polyester material provides protection with UV resistant coating and stays taut even on uneven surfaces.


  • The tent is not very lightweight.
  • It is suitable for dry seasons such as spring, fall or summer but not during heavy rains or snow conditions.
  • Weather proofing or insulation might not be adequate for cold climate.
  • Although the tent provides snug fit, there is not enough headroom for big individuals.


For those who are looking to stay dry in their next backpacking or hiking trip, this free standing tent is ideal. It offers a hassle-free pitching system and is easy to assemble. The large doors for easy entry and exit as well as the large zippers make it easy to use. The factory sealed fly and floor seams provide adequate weather proofing. The tent comes in two colors – orange and brown. It also features hassle-free packaging.


This tent is a great to consider but there are also similar products in the market. You can consider products such as Mountaintop Outdoor 2 person tent or the Mountainsmith Genesee 4 person tent. These products are similar and would serve your camping purposes very well. Check out their features, reviews and price before you make a decision for a purchase.


If you look at the Mountaintop outdoor 2 person camping tent, you would find that it is made of waterproof polyester and polyurethane. The tent comprises polyester flooring and aluminum pole frame. The tent has adequate space for 2 individuals. It comprises double door design, waterproofing and easy ventilation.

With a warranty of 90 days, most customers find it to be a product that they can rely upon. It comes with inner and outer tent design to make it comfortable even during rainy days.

The Mountainsmith Genesee 4 person tent is another similar product to consider in this category. It has similar space to accommodate 4 adults as the Alps Mountaineering 4 Lynx tent. The tent offers 3 season flexibility with 2-door and 2-vestibule layout. This tent has a unique bathtub floor design that helps keep the water out.

The four-corner tent design offers more head space inside the tent. There is a clip pole attachment for the tent and ventilation windows with tent fly provision for bad weather.

The abovementioned products offer similar features as the ALPS Mountaineering tent product. While the Mountainsmith tent product is comparable in price, the Mountaintop tent product has a smaller design and comes at a cheaper price. You can make your choice from these products.

However, ALPS product has received favorable reviews from most customers that have purchased this product. You would definitely find it to be a good buy if you go for it.