Camping Tent Brands that are Really Worth their Salt

If you’re looking for a great tent you want to make sure that you look at the top camping tent brands. Of course, there are hundreds and maybe even thousands or more different companies that are making tents around the world. It’s something we all know of course, but that doesn’t mean that we like all of them or want to purchase one from just any category.

After all, not all of those tent makers are good, it’s just not possible. So which brands are the ones you can really trust? Well it’s actually not as difficult as you might think to find out.

Top Camping Tent Brands

Here we’re going to focus on the camping tent brands that campers, hikers and backpackers have names as their favorites. After all, these are the people who know the most about the products and who actually use them.

These are the ones who are going to put these products to the test in a big way and they’re going to make sure that you, whether you’re trusting these tents for a big trip or just fun in the backyard, are not going to get something unsuitable to your needs.


This is probably not a surprising one since Coleman has been around and been making outdoor gear or all types for so long. But it’s definitely one of the longest lasting brands for a reason. It’s also one of the largest brands for tents that you can find anywhere.

These tents are great with waterproofing and make sure that no matter what area of the tent you’re focused on, you’re not going to find water. It’s definitely their best feature. Plus you can find them in all different sizes, styles and colors to make sure your tent fits you.

ALPS Mountaineering

If you’re not a little more hardcore you might not have heard of this brand but they definitely have some great tents for people who want high quality. The great thing is that these tents are designed to give you extremely high quality without paying that premium you usually would.

They’re designed to be lightweight and portable, which means the better tents in this brand are the ones for smaller groups, as the larger ones can be less efficient. They are definitely easy to set up and they are water resistant, plus they offer extra features.


Another great brand you may not have heard of because you won’t find it in most traditional stores is Wenzel. This brand has tents that will be great for individuals all the way up to large groups. Larger groups however is how they really shine.

These brands are weatherproof and ready for absolutely anything so you’ll always be comfortable in one. There are also several different styles and types that you can use to fit your needs whether it’s something easy to set up or something a little unique.

Kodiak Canvas

This is a brand of tents that incredibly rugged and ready for anything. No matter where you’re going camping you’ll have no problem with these because they’re entirely breathable, weather resistant and even mold and mildew resistant as well as being extremely durable and strong.

You’ll get plenty of height in this tent as well, being able to stand up, which is something that most tents on the market don’t enable you to do because they’re built smaller and more compact. This brand is designed to help you enjoy your trip and it does that by being built from quality canvas materials, instead of synthetics.

Wrapping it Up

In the end, the whole thing comes down to exactly what you want the most. Whether you’re looking for something that will take you and a large group or just you on your favorite camping trip, you’re going to have no problem getting anything and everything you want out of the process.

After all, tents are as varied and versatile as you could imagine. You can find anything you want and you’ll easily be able to enjoy your next trip, no matter where you might be going. Finding that perfect tent is only the first step of course, so you’re going to have plenty to consider before you purchase yours.

Make sure you’re not getting too caught up in the brand names because even though these are great brands, they’re definitely not the only brands around. You’ll find plenty more and each one will have something that definitely makes them a great choice for you and your family.

Only you can really decide which one is going to be the ideal fit and how you’re going to make your next camping trip the best one you’ve ever had. After all, who doesn’t’ love getting out there in the wilderness with their closest friends?