Semoo Large Door, 3-Person, Water Resistant Family Camping Tent Review

This is a family camping tent that is designed to accommodate up to 3 people. With lightweight and water-resistant design, the Semoo camping tent has a large door access. It is characterized by a fiberglass frame that makes it sturdy. With a mesh-style door and windows, there is adequate ventilation. Hooped floor frame provides protection from rain.


  • The tent is 51.2” in height and 82.7” in width and length.
  • It is made of polyester and polyurethane material with a flooring of polyethylene and frames of fiberglass.
  • The tent is dome-shaped and can accommodate up to 3 people.
  • Pole pockets help people to set up the tent easily.
  • There are mesh windows and D-style mesh door for protection and ventilation.
  • Fly frame of hoop design allows protection from rain.
  • It comes with 10 tent stakes and 6 guy lines that are windproof along with a carry bag for easy packing.


  • The tent is made of a mixture of polyester and polyurethane that makes it waterproof and lightweight.
  • The fiberglass poles and frames make it sturdy and lightweight at the same time.
  • Pole pockets are provided with the tent for easy assembly.
  • Mesh windows and D-style door allow adequate ventilation and protection from pests.
  • The hooped fly frame provides adequate protection from rain.
  • Windproof guy lines and steel stakes help you secure the tent in inclement weather conditions.


  • The tent provides a snug fit for only three people.
  • The slightly heavier frame makes it not suitable for backpacking.
  • Although lightweight tent material makes it ideal for fall, summer and spring seasons, it is not suitable for heavy rains or snow conditions.
  • Headroom is not adequate for tall people to fully stand up inside the tent.
  • This tent does not provide adequate insulation for cold climate.


Semoo camping tent is ideal for a small family. It is easier to backpack and carry this tent as compared to other larger and heavier camping tents. With this tent, you get adequate protection from light rains and wind conditions. The tent is easy to assemble and secure with additional lines and stakes that are provided in the package. The product comes with 10 tent stakes and 3 guy lines along with a carry bag.


This tent is designed to provide a snug fit for three individuals. It is a lightweight camping tent that is easy to carry. It is sturdy because of the fiberglass framework. You can set it up easily.

If you are contemplating such a purchase, it would make sense to go through similar products in the market. Here are two other products discussed – the Coleman Evanston Screened tent and the Star Home family tent that can accommodate similar number of people.


If you look at the Coleman Evanston Screened tent, it is a product made of polyester and provides adequate weather protection. It can accommodate up to eight adults and the center height of the tent is 72” with a footprint size of 15 by 12 feet.

There are four windows for adequate ventilation with a weathered system that allows occupants to stay dry even in light or moderate rain, storm or snow conditions. However, the tent is three-season design that is popular among many customers.

If you look at the Star Home tent with double layer design, you would find that it comes in varying capacities. The tent can accommodate 2 to 6 people. Made of high quality canvas, the tent is designed lightweight and is durable with grommet pole attachments and UV proofing.

The tent fly provides ventilation and rain protection at the same time. It has a bathtub-like floor with taped seams. The clip pole attachments make the tent easy to carry.

If you compare these two tents with the Semoo Large Door tent, you would find that each has pros and cons. Overall, the Semoo tent is easy to carry and sturdy at the same time. You would definitely find the price reasonable as compared to the other two products mentioned above. With a reliable warranty, it is definitely a product worth considering.