The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Review

The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is a 2-room tent designed to give you comfort and versatility on your next camping trip. It’s made with polyester and sleeps 6 campers comfortably thanks to its large footprint and the oversized ceiling height.


  • 6’ 10” center ceiling height
  • 17’ x 9’ footprint
  • Floorless screen room for ventilation or gathering
  • Sleeps 6
  • Proprietary WeatherTec system to keep water out
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Moderate weight of 32 pounds
  • Includes privacy vent window & electrical access port
  • 2 doors and Variflo adjustable ventilation


The Coleman WeatherMaster is designed to hold six people comfortably while you’re camping, whether for a longer period of time or a shorter one. With a footprint of 17’ x 9’ it definitely has enough space for everyone to be able to sleep easily. What’s more important is the ventilation system which allows air to be directed through the privacy vent windows as well as through the vented Cool-Air port of the Variflo adjustable system.

The entire tent is designed to keep everyone cool in the warmer weather or comfortable in moderate temperatures during the spring and fall.

Setup for this tent is actually very simple because it uses a color-coded pole sleeve system that is designed to help you with the entire process. It has InstaClip attachments as well and the 19mm steel poles help keep the tent sturdy and strong in less than ideal weather conditions.

It also uses a pin and ring design that helps to improve the ease and speed of getting things set up and making sure you’re ready to begin the fun part of your camping trip. As long as it’s installed properly you shouldn’t have any problems keeping yourself and everyone safe within the tent.

The entire tent is fully sealed to make sure that water stays out through the leak-free seams as well as the weather-resistant fabric and waterproof floors. There’s even protection over the zippers to make sure that nothing is going to come through these fastenings. This is important because many tents don’t have the protection you need in these areas that are otherwise prone to leaks.

The frame is also designed to hold up under strong winds which may otherwise come right along with the heavier rains that the waterproofing will help protect you against.

Just like any other Coleman products, this tent has a warranty that protects you against any kind of defects in the creation of the tent. If you find holes, tears, weak spots or anything else that is as a result of poor workmanship or defect in the tent you can always return it for a refund.

On top of this is a limited warranty for one year that protects against other aspects of owning and using the tent. You’ll be able to ensure that you and your family are getting a high quality product that you can definitely trust by a company you know will stand behind their product.


On the downside, this tent is quite heavy at 32 pounds. That means, if you’re planning on backpacking with friends or family you’re not going to want to take this tent along with you.

If you’re planning on staying in a campground or somewhere that you can drive your car directly to the site where you’re going to set up it should be fine, but carrying it over long distances is going to be tiring and more difficult as well because of the size even when it is folded up, which can be awkward to carry as well.

Another downside is the set up process. Though it’s quick and easy to set up this tent if you know what you’re doing that’s not always easy to ensure. The instructions aren’t as clear as they could be and this can make the process of setting up the tent a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

Not to mention you’re going to need a little bit of strength and effort to put the pieces together as they don’t slide together (or apart) quite as easily as you might prefer, though this can also be used as a test to the durability of the frame.


Overall, Coleman WeatherMaster is quite a good selection for larger groups. It is heavy, which is something to consider if you’re going to be walking a distance from your vehicle to your setup location and you may need a little help to get everything set up from the start, but you can definitely trust that it’s going to stay together and hold up against whatever may be coming your way, which is definitely going to be a benefit no matter where you happen to be camping.


If you’re looking for a larger tent the Semoo Water Resistant 5-Person is another good option. It offers a decent amount of size and is extremely easy to take down and put up.

This one, however, is slightly smaller than the Coleman version, as it’s only designed to hold 5 people instead of 6, and it also has only one room instead of the second section that’s offered with the Coleman. It is much less expensive however, which makes it a good choice for those who need economy.

If you’re looking for something larger than this tent the Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent is a great option. It’s more expensive than this Coleman and has only one room but it is tall in the center and has a large footprint to comfortably sleep everyone. Not only that but it has LED settings inside the tent so you don’t need additional lighting.

On the other hand, you’re paying more and the amount of extra space isn’t that much more, just it’s in one room instead of split into two.